Out Now Bonus: Interview with Terence Johnson, Creator of The Vampyr Resistance Corps

This special bonus Out Now with Aaron and Abe episode is another filmmaker interview. Aaron and Abe have been joined in the past by Terence Johnson as a guest, but now he’s the subject of the show, as his new series, The Vampyr Resistance Corps is set to debut on YouTube September 26. As the creator, showrunner, and director, there’s plenty for Terence to discuss with the guys about what is going on with this vampire-focused web series, and the production process behind it. Listen in to hear all about the origins, writing process, filmmaking equipment, neat stories and more. So now, if you've got an hour or so to kill…

The Vampyr Resistance Corps Trailer Drops!

Most importantly, The Vampyr Resistance Corps lets me put the focus on characters that more accurately reflect the world I live in and want to see, without being tied to normal tropes. Working in the Film Independent Incubator Lab has been the best thing for this project because as an African-American in the industry, they’ve been incredibly supportive of my desire to bring a diverse characters to the screen. Having the main hero, Lucien, be gay and his relationship with the Tikaani, the tech guru being a strong focus of the story was just as important, if not more, than fun action scenes. Given I actually have an engineering degree, it was wonderful to write a minority character who gets to use science and technology to defeat the monsters. You don’t really get to see Black and LGBT characters leading this kind of post-apocalyptic narrative, but you will now!